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Character Prompt!


What is your character like when they’re sick?  Like, flu from hell, bad cold, etc?  Are they a good patient or a bad patient?  Do they tough it out or are they a giant baby?  Inquiring minds want to know!


Roulette: She will power through it to do things she WANTS to do, such as science and… well, that’s probably the only thing. She’ll power through it to work in the lab. Mostly she’ll sleep and read a book and make minions wait on her. For everything else she whines that she’s way too sick and can’t cause she may be dying yes she took her potions shut up can’t you see she’s suffering!? 

Anukaar: Has the best poker face in the land if he’s not feeling well - usually for psychological reasons rather than physical ones. But he’ll get quiet mostly and focus on self-care.

Tandava: Is it possible to become MORE of a hermit? But yeah, she finds somewhere comfortable to hole up till she’s better, the world will still be there when she emerges.

Svarga: GIANT BABY.  She rarely ever gets sick and when she does and it impedes her being able to do all the stuff she wants to do? Which is ALL active and social things?  SULK. WHINE. Giant baby. She’d rather be wounded, then at least she can show it off at the bar and get a nice scar out of it and have a cool story to tell.  Illness is NO FUN. Terrible patient.

Whirly: Whirly is weird.


Strigine: Tough it out. If anybody notices she tells them to mind their own damn business, she has things to do.  If it’s really bad, wraps herself in a blanket, sits by the fire, and shuns outsiders.  If you want to see her there better be some strong ale in your hand.  Just give her the bottle. Think Ron Swanson when he was sick.

Chapeau: There’s multiple levels of sickness with her.  She’ll play it off for a while and maybe not even notice she’s sick till you point it out, then it’s time to become pitiful. “I’m just gonna lay here”.  She’ll suffer through a show though, the show must go on!  Cap just isn’t gonna want to be around her afterwards. Grin and wave for the audience, grump to bed and sleep it off.

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